Leo & Wolf was created in 2003 as an SMS gateway, directly linked with the Belgian mobile operators.

It quickly extended its services to France, G-D Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

Since it's inception L&W has specialised in mobile marketing and the majority of it's activities have consisted in providing content for mobile phone applications such as SMS, WAPpush, 3G,GPRS, xml and audiotel.

In 2006 a restructuring took place and the emphasis shifted to mobile phone database management. The connection with the mobile operators was transferred to Paratel and The Ring Ring Company, thus ensuring the largest SMS handling capacity in Belgium.

In short one can say that today L&W's strategy is based on three services:

  • Mobile advertising and marketing with emphasis on SMS
  • Updating, enriching and merging of client's existing databases into one master DB with mobile phone numbers as the core business.
  • Renting in whole or in part of our own database (approx. 800.000 subscribers), in accordance with specific criteria.