Renting of own database (800.000)

Clients who do not have their own database or do not wish to update their too obsolete DB can rent our database.

Today we have 791.827 subscribers of whom we have age, postal address or e-mail address or mobile phone number or all three together.

L&W is equipped with a specific software program which makes it possible to count within seconds the number of subscribers responding to specific criteria such as language, socio-demographic or geographic criteria, special interests such as sports, music, cooking, do-it-yourself... (20 different criteria in total)

This application allows even to refine selections to music genre or favourite singer.

It goes without saying that clients can enlarge and enrich their DB by crossing it with our DB.

Tracking results - statistics

Every client who rents a database at L&W to send messages to his clients or prospects receives automatically the results of his action in the form of statistics: