L&W has over 100.000 e-mail addresses but prefers SMS communication because it is faster and more direct.

E-mail addresses often change and many messages go straight into the wastebasket without even having been opened. GSM numbers on the contrary stick to the subscriber, are not operator linked and are always and everywhere in instant reach at the most opportune moments. Moreover, SMS messages are being read in more than 95% of the cases, even if they are being deleted afterwards.

SMS opens the door to theme advertising via WAP click through or voice deposit.

A short message creates interest and curiosity which can immediately be fulfilled through a direct link with an internet site.

Other advantages of SMS:

  • Almost 100% OTS (opportunity to see)
  • Cost efficient
  • Very high respons rates (10 times higher than mail)
  • Complementary to above the line advertising
  • Very quick reach even in the most remote areas (97% to 99% depending on the operator)