The ethical aspect is vital to the mobile services business. We work with a tool that is extremely personal to the user and we also have the capacity to invoice services indirectly via telephone operators. We have to therefore be careful and disciplined in all steps of the operation.

Leo & Wolf never sends non-authorised SMS messages. For all marketing campaigns, we use only opt-in user numbers. We also strive to respond to subscribers' needs, by taking account of their centres of interest ("permission marketing"). Every message also carries an option for users to cancel their subscription (opt-out). Finally, we ensure that databases are not over-exploited, to avoid saturating consumers.

These issues are not just about ethics; they also concern profitability. Indeed, this type of targeted approach produces response rates that are vastly superior to spamming or even untargeted opt-in mailings. Today, intensive or badly-targeted campaigns lead to catastrophic subscription-cancellation rates.